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Below are some of the fantastic things people have said about their experience with TeamEssenz Coaching & Development.

"Susanne coached me during the pandemic and the sessions with her became invaluable for me. Through her unwavering patience and empathy, she helped me navigate through these challenging times and see the opportunity in it. Susanne is an amazing Coach with incredible listening skills. Her coaching style is empowering and creative and if you get a chance to be coached by her take it! ""

Katrin Charlton, Founder of KBC Coaching and Consulting a Jones, Project Manager

“Susanne is a global thinker with understanding of other cultures and has a wealth of international experience”


“Susanne is incredibly passionate and dedicated to her work and she is not afraid to go the extra mile.”

“Susanne is a giver and reliable and has the firm belief in her coachees that they will find and follow their dreams.”


“Susanne definitely pushed my comfort zone, which was important work for me to do.”

"I can highly recommend Susanne for coaching and team workshops. She will guide you asking the right questions to find your way and confidence if you are seeking new opportunities or are working on your personal development. With her multi-cultural background and experience come empathy and skills to empower you to reach your personal goals. With her skills and knowledge of methods she will create a coaching experience tailored to your needs."

Kerstin G., Snr. Project and BDN Manager

“It is with great confidence that I recommend Susanne for coaching to others. My own personal experience receiving coaching from her was empowering. Her coaching created awareness that I would not have arrived at on my own. I find, as a coach myself, she routinely asks questions that lead to additional insight and she is very collaborative. I am thankful to call her a coaching colleague and trusted confidant. To all who may be seeking a coach, you will discover she has graceful, authentic approach, and the coaching skills to help you realize choices you have for unlimited options in your professional and personal life."

Jeffrey R. Pollock, Coach & Possibililties Partner

"From the very beginning, I felt Susanne was someone who I could trust to have my best interests in mind. It was very easy to build rapport and trust with Susanne, leading to enriching sessions that helped me to navigate the complexities of my changing work environment. Through the sessions, I was able to look introspectively and analyze behaviors that may be holding me back in a work environment. Being mentored gave me a new perspective and let me learn from someone else's experiences and guidance. These sessions were invaluable to me; improving my skills, confidence, and career development."

Taylor L. Detroit, MI

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