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Developing Resourceful, Successful Teams

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All coaching programs are designed around the needs of you as an individual or you as a team. We will use different approaches and modalities, depending on the goals, action plans, and strategies chosen. We will create space for learning, give room for discovery, and celebrate successes.

All coaching engagements and workshops are customized and offered in English or German.

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  • Visions, goal setting and follow through

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Understanding different personality styles

  • Communication & listening skills

  • Team member engagement & motivation

  • Conflict management

  • Team building

  • Accountability strategies


Programs for teams are tailored to the specific needs and desired outcome of the organization. These can include training and coaching elements to engage in learning, action, change, and growth. These can also be specific team building sessions encompassing other techniques and modalities to bring the team together


  • Teams, departments, divisions of an organization. 

  • Teams that are spread around the globe, across several time zones

  • Teams that have been brought together through mergers

  • Mature teams looking to grow further

Duration & Method

Tailored based on a needs assessment conversation.

Training, coaching or a blend of both.

Team building events or sessions.

Virtual or in-person

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