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Learning and experiencing is part of growth and development and one size does not fit all. To find the right fit, we listen to understand, evaluate, and tailor to your needs as an individual or as a team.


We will use different approaches and modalities, depending on the goals, action plans, and strategies chosen. We will create space for learning, give room for discovery, and celebrate successes.


All coaching engagements, workshops and trainings are customized and offered in English or German.



What is Coaching?

Coaching is a deep, thought-provoking and transformational process, a catalyst for growth, learning, and creating awareness for the whole person. It is the opportunity to be curious, face the tough questions, and be in a creative space for deep reflection, action, change, and growth.


Coaching is a place of trust where you can uncover, discover, explore, and deep dive into values, personal strengths, visions, aspirations and goals. Coaching inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential and gives you the strength to live and lead with authenticity, integrity, and accountability. Be prepared to be empowered, increase your impact, and transform.



What is Training?

Training is the transfer of knowledge with the aim to improve competencies or performance, and the opportunity to acquire and hone new skills. It is the opportunity to add tools to the toolbox needed to develop a team, create the desired learning culture, and move forward to reaching set goals.


With an added “coach approach” to training, the space for curiosity and deeper learning is created. This will result in more impactful training, better integration, more empowerment in putting into action what has been learned, and increased accountability.


What is Facilitation?

Facilitation is the art of moving a group of people through meetings, planning sessions, or training, and successfully achieving a specific goal. Facilitation involves listening actively to hear what every team member is saying, asking the tough, open-ended questions to stimulate discussion, and problem-solving techniques.


Where Do They Come Together?

Training provides theory, information and activities to transfer and retain knowledge. Facilitation is about helping the thinking in a group. In most simplistic terms: training is about learning and facilitation is about thinking. My aim is to create unique blends to transfer knowledge, deepen learning, and empower to use it.

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Build awareness for global cultures - yours and those you interact with. Discover, appreciate and reconcile the differences and similarities between them and create strategies for successful interaction based on personal discovery and deeper understanding of the cultures you connect and collaborate with.

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Visualize and build awareness for business cultures around the world - yours and others with the Model of Freedom. Discover and appreciate the differences and similarities between the cultures you engage with. Create strategies for successful interaction and communication based on personal discovery and deeper understanding of other cultures you interact with. 

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Leadership development is offered for all levels of leadership, emerging leaders, high potentials, and more. Whether you are new to the role, transitioning to a new culture or have been in leadership for years – each journey offers its challenges and gifts. Be it coaching, training or a blend of both, for the individual leader or a group of leaders within your organization, find here what can be the best fit for your personal road to greater success.

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Whether your team is in one location, or spread around the globe, whether your team is more mature or has just been put together, we find solutions to build a better team. With elements of training, coaching and team building techniques, we encourage curiosity, engaging in conversation and evolving from group to team

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Personal coaching is a wonderful place of curiosity, discovery, shifts and growth. Connect with your inner superpower, discover your wings and create the change, build the path and reach the goals you aspire.

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