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Building Bridges Across Cultures

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Build awareness for global cultures - yours and those you interact with. Discover, appreciate and reconcile the differences and similarities between them and create strategies for successful interaction based on personal discovery and deeper understanding of the cultures you connect and collaborate with.



  • Navigate changes and transitions 

  • Cross-cultural awareness and intelligence

  • Social integration

  • Aspirations, purpose and goals in new environments

  • Discover and enhance personal strengths


Expat is short for expatriate or individuals who move to different countries and cultures for varying lengths of times. Personal expat coaching is a very individual journey of navigating change, transitions, and social integration. It is about acknowledging where you are, who you wish to become in that new place and what you aspire to create while there on a personal or professional level.


  • Expatriating individuals on any level of an organization 

  • Expat partners & spouses

  • Global travelers

  • People in transition

Duration & Method

3 – 6 months recommended

Up to 12 months

In person or virtual

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Working Together

Focus countries: USA, Germany, Taiwan

  • Cross-cultural awareness and intelligence

  • Discover cultural values

  • Improve cross-border communication

  • Navigate change

  • Integrate mindfulness

  • Develop a global mindset


Gain awareness for and perception of cultural values and business cultures for specific regions. Create strategies for successful interaction across these cultures based on personal discovery and the deeper understanding of the other culture you interact with.



  • Teams spread around the globe

  • Groups of employees or complete teams within an organization.

Duration & Method

Tailored based on a needs assessment conversation.

In-person or virtual

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