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It's Not Good.  It's Not Bad.  It's Different.

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Leading Diverse Teams 

The beauty in diversity are the courageous different minds... and the challenge is building the bridge of communication. 

The task is to discover, uncover, and utilize the similarities within the differences of multicultural, multi-generational and ethnically diverse teams, to create awareness for what is happening within the team, and to define what it takes for the team to move forward. Within diverse teams, language can stand in the way of meaning, culture can become an excuse, and biases and stereotypes can stand in the way of truly communicating. What are you noticing in your teams, what differences are you appreciating and what can you do to be more inclusive?


Be encouraged to speak the unspoken, to embrace, appreciate and reconcile the differences, and to build a common ground for communication. A healthy team that trusts and engages with each other is effective, creative and successful. 

Intercultural Training & Coaching

Cross-cultural challenges come in many forms. Be it through working in a multi-cultural environment or through transitions such as moving to a new city or country. Each situation offers its challenges, gifts and opportunities. Intercultural coaching and training provide space to create awareness, understanding and action to move forward in a meaningful way.


In a corporate setting, intercultural training and coaching will aid in creating a deeper understanding of the cultures and cultural values in the team or organization. Discovery and appreciation of differences aims to build mutual trust and respect through increased awareness and will improve communication across the aisle and the ocean.


Coaching offers the opportunity to tap deeper into resources, values and global mindset. What are you learning about the cultures around you and your own? What is your attitude towards other countries, people, traditions, and rituals? How flexible are you in adapting your own behavior? Combined with intercultural training, it can aid in the process of social and cultural integration, bring greater awareness for the home, host and other cultures, and increase the awareness of oneself and how to better integrate and find joy in new surroundings.



Man cannot discover

new oceans

unless he has the
courage to

of the shore.

- André Gide

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