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Creating Successful Teams



The beauty of


lies in everyone

having one thing in common: 

 - Susanne Cordes-Hoelterhoff

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Change Management

Change Management involves all steps from identifying your change goal to identifying measures of ongoing impact, engagement, and establishing the learning culture you wish to create. Together we assess where you are in relation to the change you want and zero in on where we can facilitate an intervention, leverage available resources and how to create changes. We will look into challenges and barriers to the change initiative as well as look into the change readiness of affected team members. Together we develop transition strategies, including communication strategies for all levels involved and facilitate a culture that is open to change or ready to open up to change.

Communication Skills

Communication is an integral part of how people interact and connect with each other, how content and meaning are transported, how thoughts and ideas are shared, and how visions and goals are conveyed. Hearing is not understanding.


Both ends of the broadcasting are where communication can take a very steep fall. How do you take in information? How do you relay it? Do you prefer to hear, read, or experience as you learn? And the people around you? Those around you may not hear things as they sound to you.


Is your communication limiting and judgmental or expanding and appreciative? Are conversations in a space of trust or lead to a place of fear and anger? Take action to examine your style of communication and develop skills to engage in conversations that create trust, resonance, and are full of energy. Communication is an art and a skill that can be learned.

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